Fiction 1

Jane Wong

Fiction is “a narrative writing that is the product of the author’s imagination, an invention rather than actual history or fact.  Its principle goal is entertainment or diversion, but it may also instruct, uplift or persuade.”

In Meredith Quartermain’s collection of nanofictions – The Not Of What She Didn’t Know – published in TCR 3.12, she illustrates all the key components of a fiction.  Her whimsical imagination is evident throughout her writing and her pieces are without a doubt very entertaining.    Although the physical structure of her writing resembles a prose, the context and the way Quartermain chooses her words in no way reflects traditional prose writing. Her playful imagination and the interesting subjects in each of her nanofictions spark the interests of many readers.

“A Disagreement Over Lunch” is a fun piece that finely portrays the author’s sense of humor and her wild imagination.  The opening sentences of this short piece are similar to any type of writing.  Quartermain starts by vaguely introducing the characters, the setting and loosely describes the conversation the characters are having.  But in the third sentence, the readers see the first signs of Quartermain’s imagination.  As the characters are having their conversation, “an eggplant or it might be a football enters the dining room and floats blimplike over the lunch table” (51).  Not only is Quatermain animating a concrete object with her imagination, but the fact that the characters are oblivious to a floating eggplant adds a playful element to her writing.

In terms of entertainment value, “The Lawn Dress” is a perfect example of a fun, entertaining nanofiction.  In this piece, Quartermain puts certain letters of a word in brackets.  By doing this, Quartermain suggests several meanings within one piece, and readers often enjoy extracting different interpretations from a single work.

In conclusion, Meredith Quartermain thoroughly expresses the important aspects of a fiction with her incredible imagination and her ability to captivate and entertain her readers.

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