Comedy 1

Derek McCormack

Comedy: A type of drama that celebrates or satirizes the follies of characters, a series of events, or situations. Usually written in a light, familiar, bantering, or satirical style, comedy aims to provide enjoyment and produce laughter to its audience (Quinn 127).

Example: JPod is an ideal example in which the author, Douglas Coupland, uses seemingly ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances or situations to demonstrate the use of comedy. The novel pokes fun at our own conventional sense of ordinary by having its characters engage in actions that are generally very opposite of what a “regular” person would be doing,. When John Doe, a character in JPod, is suggested to be an individual he says “Then I have failed. I strive for averageness in everything I do” (Coupland 63). John Doe is determined to be as conventional and mainstream as possible due to his unusual upbringing in a lesbian compound. We find this to be somewhat outrageous in the sense that as ordinary people from relatively normal childhoods we strive to establish ourselves as individuals. This detachment from reality satirises our own perception of ordinary, thus deeming it an attempt at comedy. Whether or not a piece of comedy is funny is entirely dependent on the opinions of individuals in the audience.

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