Setting 2

Alexandra Ialungo

Setting: environment, time and place of the action in a book (or film, etc.); set, scenery used in a dramatic production; complete set of tableware for one person; arrangement, position; melody accompanying a poem; frame in which a gem is set; (Computers) option within a menu that can be individually adjusted and determines the appearance or function of a program

Example: In A Small Place, Jamaica Kincaid explores the setting in the introduction.  An example of this lies in the first paragraph with the line “you will land in the V.C Bird International Airport”(Kincaid 3).  This explains to the reader the exact spot in which this book takes place so they can get a feel of the area where this takes place.  Another example of setting comes shortly after with, “more beautiful than any of the other islands you have seen” (Kincaid 3).  This line describes what you may witness as you enter the place and see the new surroundings.  On top of this, a third example comes in the line “you see yourself lying on the beach, enjoying the amazing sun” (Kincaid 13).  This description of environment makes the reader feel as if they are in the position of the tourist being talked about so they can better understand what is going on.  Setting is a big part of A Small Place because Kincaid assumes that the reader has previously been a tourist and puts them into that setting by describing the environment and place that surrounds them.

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