Metaphor 1

Adam Joe

Metaphor: It is a figure of speech, which is stated in a manner using an idea or concept to explain another phrase or suggestion to have better understanding.

In Mine,  Stephen Collis uses many metaphors to portray and visualize his ideas in the poem ‘Memory Mine IV’.  One example of a metaphor is the very first line in the poem, “You are feeding/the feeling, the fire” (98). This portrays a sense of darkness, and despair.  Nobody can literally feed a feeling; however, Collis is giving the idea that it is an almost forced act by the character negatively contributing to his or her feelings.  The line “feeds the fire” (98) comes up again except this is said differently as it directly feeds the fire. The fire can be a metaphor for pain or death. With the tone and story of the poem, they are slowly inevitably feeding the path toward their death. Near the end of the poem, the lines are “looking into the dark infinity of the day he will die.”  This illustrates hopelessness as the father is looking for an end that will never come.  And even when he retires, it will be with his death that will bring the end.  Stephen Collis uses this language to help the reader be able to feel the dark essence of the passage.  The words “dark infinite,” gives a negative connotation emphasizing the never-ending pain the father has while working in the mines.  The story starts with a strong dark feel, and ends with an unsatisfying sad conclusion.  The metaphoric devices Stephen Collis uses helps enhance the negativity and the pain the characters went through, letting the reader realize the unhappiness they had to live, all because of the mines.

Works Cited

Collis, Stephen. Mine. Vancouver: New Star, 2001. Print



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