Vancouver: A tough pill to swallow

by capreviewroom

By: Donny Olson

Dead Girls is a series of 8 short stories set in the Vancouver area, written by Nancy Lee. These short stories cover a variety of subjects our society continually sweeps under the rug including: drugs, murder, and prostitution. There is also a sub-plot of the Pickton Murders either directly tied or subtlety associated to each story. These real and horrific murders although terrible, make these fictional stories come to life and pull you in for the ride.

These short stories paint Vancouver with a dark and ominous brush that sets the mood for these stories perfectly. Lee works with time and narrative point of view in every story with extreme effectiveness. For example, time shifts effortlessly in Rollie and Adele and throws you for a ride chronologically. While several of the stories employ second person point of view with surprising effectiveness. Another story Associated Press was one of my personal favourites. The way it went in between the past and the present really keeps you involved in the story the entire way through. Lee puts sexuality into a whole new light compared to most literature in today’s society that glorifies it. Lee shows that there is nothing positive in prostitution, and it is a world of cruelty and danger that needs to be addressed.

Every story is tied into a world of violence, sex, loss, and despair. It shows the true struggle of the most vulnerable in our society today. Lee has put Vancouver in a new light and addressed some serious issue in our society today. Dead Girls is a fantastic literary piece of work and sends the reader for a ride and doesn’t let go until the very end.


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