The Ugly Truth Of L.A

by capreviewroom

James Frey’s name always brings the sweet memory of reading his great book, a Million Little Pieces in the warmth of summer couple of years ago. But I must admit that his most recent work Bright Shiny Morning is not as good as I though it would be, though still it is a great piece of novel and I would highly recommend it. Just like Frey’s other book, Bright Shiny morning hunts you after you’ve turned the last page and closed the book.

Bright Shiny Morning takes us to the city of many people’s dreams, were there exist people of every color, language and culture, from the Richer to the poorest, where the city becomes a character itself and represents the ugly truth of Los Angeles. As a result it shows the infinitesimal reasons of how people have lost their path on evaluating the important values of life, and it also takes an excellent account on issues of today’s Californian society.

The story does not have a single plot to it, but rather it starts slowly as the author jumps from one story to the other one.  Some of the characters are mentioned once while other characters have appeared several times through out the story. Dylan and Maddie- a young couple from Ohio, “driving towards the glow” from their abusive parents, only with their faith in each other to survive.  A married Star couple, best friends. They carry no secrets from one another; both are gay.  An old man Joe, who lives in the bathroom and lives from the left over hotdogs.  And finally Esperanza, a Mexican American girl who got a job as a maid on Pasadena only to fall in love with woman’s son.

The interesting aspect of the book in my opinion is that stories and characters are separated  by some random facts about Los Angles. Stories come and go in particular orders to take you to the stream of consciousness, and there you will feel the power of written word that stays with you after the book is finished. Overall, I like the way Frey presented these four stories, and it definitely worth the read.

Samineh A


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