The Puzzle

by capreviewroom

“In the Skin of a Lion” is a captivating novel written by Michael Ondaatje, published in 1987. It demonstrates the lives of the immigrants whose contribution to building Toronto never became part of the city’s official history. One of the amazing aspects of the novel is its informativeness due to the facts which depicts the primitive Canada and the city of Toronto in 1940s. Considering the artistic aspects, there are traces of cubism throughout the novel, the story is like a web connecting the characters and their lives, in addition to providing objective evidences which are notable behind their reactions in different situations. The novel is perfectly planned and organized that as you read, certain incidents,character’s attitudes, actions and relationships, memorable lines and even the gaps and silences will raise significant issues and key ideas that leave a lasting impression.The most important reason of the novel’s captivation is the numerous application of flashbacks and foreshadowing which are like pieces of puzzle that urges the reader to continue reading in order to complete the riddle. Moreover, it also points out evident of capitalism, class, the immigrant situations, political views, and social problems. Throughout the novel there are abundant examples of the gruesome acts of capitalism. Specially for those who experienced immigration, this novel would be interesting because of detailed description of immigrants feelings, their struggle to communicate and adapt to a completely different environment. In conclusion, it is a noble novel for those looking for books that you cannot put down.



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