How to FIx Our Broken Dreams?

by capreviewroom

Filling blanks of Los Angeles

Sun rises and falls day by day in each city, but the book, “Bright Shiny Morning”, makes our eyes focus on the city called Los Angeles, the city of anger. Frey splits tons of short stories into plenty of micro short stories which happened in L.A. It makes you feel that you are doing a puzzle game when you are reading the book. After you finish reading, a map of LA and America dream will be right in your mind. There are four main characters’ stories which take most part of the book. Dylan, Maddie, Old Man Joe, Esperanza and Amberton.

Dylan and Maddie’s story starts the book. A quite typical start of love story: a young boy picks a girl out from an evil cage and starts a new life; however, the “evil cage” is girl’s home and the “lord” is girl’s mom this time. They leave the town they live and face unknown fortune. The thing they have is love. I love this story because Dylan and Maddie are nineteen which was the age I just passed. Every teenager will have their terrible two. I can understand the elopement they did. Actually, they did the move which most people can’t take a step. Furthermore, the sentence “We’re gonna be fine.”(Frey, p51), is that a self consolation or a hope to meet a new unknown morning? This is a question for every people since the sentence we will say when life get tougher. Dylan died; he left a widow, an unborn baby, more pains. “He loved you, he loved you.”(p509) Their love impressed, sadden me.

The other main characters, who are Old Man Joe, Amberton, Ezprenanza and her parents, also have their own splendid stories in the book. But they are not my second best favourite narrative, Barry is. Barry has a dream when he is eleven, “he wanted to bring joy and fun to the middle class at affordable prices” (p11). He stays his dream and works hard for it. His dream once comes true, and then falls, like a comet, like a burned match. I like him because he go through his dream and make it real no matter how many difficulties there are in the future. Even during the America’s Great Depression, he didn’t sell his land. His vivid inner struggle ask every reader: what I will do in this situation? Knuckle under to the reality? Or stay my dream? Barry stayed, “his heart says no” (p14).

The reason why Dylan, Maddie and Barry are my favourite characters in the book is that I deeply believe if there are any things that can not be sold; those will be love and dream.

“Bright Shiny Morning” is a great novel. I will list it as one of my favourite fictional stories. It makes reader enthusiastic to read through it, even though it has 500 more pages and enjoy the course.

-Edward Tang


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