Bright Shining Morning Review- Just another story

by capreviewroom

The novel Bright Shining Morning by James Frey is a decent read. What appeals to me the most is how it was written. I really like how there was no chapters but short stories about different individuals in the Los Angelas area. I liked how he wrote the short stories in sections and intertwined them to make a whole. The different points of views of individuals like Amberton, who is a millionaire, to Esperanza (whos stories I found boring and did not care about what so ever) who’s a Mexican-American that could be consisdered “lower-middle class”, to Maggie and Dyan who struggled with everything but still stayed a float and to Old Man Joe who was a homeless man. The Stories reallys showed the different views of the L.A. life but I found that these stories were not anything special. I found that they were all just bits and pieces of other stories, other scenarios that have happened before and Frey just pieced them all together to make vanilla stories. You have your classic struggle story with Maggie and Dyan, they try so hard to make a better life and Dyan steals money from a gang member and he ends up dead. Cool Frey, couldn’t think of anything more original then that? Or what about the superstar thats gay but no one knows. That story is slim to none to actually happening (well I cannot be too sure just becuase if there is a homosexual superstar out there hidding that fact that they are gay, they are doing a good job at it). On the other hand I did find Amberton’s stories the most interesting just because of that slim chance and because he’s a cocky asshole (pardon my language). I will admit that the stories are interesting, they keep you wanting to know more (well for me I just stopped reading the Esperanza stories just becuase she’s a winnie bitch (pardon my language again but its true)). I would not recommend this book to my friends or family but if anyone ever asked me about it I would say “go read it”. Its a good book but vanilla stories.

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