A Not So Bright and Shiny Morning

by capreviewroom

The novel by James Frey, Bright Shiny Morning , shows us a fairly negative few on the city of Los Angeles. Throughout the book we are presented with many stories. Many of these stories are somewhat upsetting and negative, and others aren’t stories at all, just facts about the city and the negative outcomes of peoples lives that have tried to come to Los Angeles, but failed at their dreams. The four main stories we follow through out the book are definately a roller coaster ride to say the least. Old Man Joe is a beach bum that grew up loving Chablis, who tries to fix problems of other people as much as he can. Amberton, who is a movie superstar of Los Angeles, is secretly gay and faces some problems but thinks anything and everything can be fixed with his fame and money. Esperanza, a US born mexican of immigrant parents, finds herself in a tough grind, more than most, especially when she is put to work by a horrid old woman that treats her like dirt. Maddie and Dylan, who are my favorite of the four main stories, come from a small town in Ohio where their parents beat them and treated them poorly,because of this, they left to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams, but like most who go there to follow their dreams, their dreams get crushed.
If you are looking for a book that does not have any chapters, but is split up into many small sections with almost every section leaving you with a cliffhanger, I would strongly suggest reading this book.
In contrast, I would not recommend this book to those of you who have a high and idealistic opinion of Los Angeles and would rather not hear the city being bashed.

Tim Adair


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