A different view of L.A. in Bright Shiny Morning

by capreviewroom

By Melissa Marino

Los Angeles is known as the city of dreams, where people hope to succeed with anything they wish for. However, reality definitely isn’t always as easy as it sounds. The novel Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey takes place in L.A. and it mainly focuses on four separate stories. Amberton is the typical guy with money and fame who, like most movie stars, has two completely overwhelming separate lives; private and public. Esperanza is a smart young Mexican girl who is constantly dealing with racial problems among white Americans. Dylan and Maddie are a young couple who escaped to L.A. with the ambition to begin a better life than the life they had back in Ohio. Last but not least, Old Man Joe is one of many homeless people living on the streets of L.A., who nonetheless manages to find happiness with what he has.

Although these stories aren’t connected directly with one another, they are all located in the same city and the main characters all have dreams they want to fulfill. The characters and their behaviour are brought together in respect to the society they live in. Since this novel refers to locations throughout L.A., it affects the reader’s opinion about the physical aspect of the city. Moreover, Frey has proved that distinct characteristics of Los Angeles affect how people move around the city and how they interact with their surroundings. Frey chose to separate the four stories by random facts about the city, as well as historical facts that give the reader realistic scenarios. I recommend anyone to read Bright Shiny Morning as it’s a contemporary novel that’s easy to keep up with.


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