A different spotlight on Vancouver

by capreviewroom

By: Nicholas Chiu

Nancy Lee the Canadian author who wrote the novel “Dead Girls”. The novel consists of eight short stories based in the Vancouver area in British Columbia. The eight short stories display everyday occurrences in the Vancouver area which is poverty, prostitution and drugs  but they get over looked and are not taken seriously. Dead girls and the eight short stories within the novel portray different women who cope and struggle with their situations and capture the different emotions and feelings portrayed making the story enticing and stirs up a discussion on the issues raised.

Throughout the novel we have eight short stories and all eight short stories showcase different problems and situations with the different characters mentioned. In every short story murder is linked to each one as police try to find the serial killer on the loose while the women and men in each short story stumble through love, life and the relationships trying to find something deeper than the love they have but can’t find the answer to it.

The novel starts off with the short story “Associated Press” a story about a woman who is in a relationship with a man but is truly in love with another man. The beginning of “Associated Press” the story is being told in a second person narrative in which the protagonist is referred to by use of personal pronouns or any other forms of addressing.  Throughout the story there is a reference to “that boy” and “this boy” which will force you to pay more attention to the story and follow what the woman thinks and does. With this type of narration it will provoke you to become more involved with the story being told as it is being told in second person narration and also it will help you follow the events and interactions this woman goes through in the story.

Vancouver being the city that “Dead Girls” has as its primary location portrays Vancouver as a totally different city from what it really is. If you live in Vancouver you would of never thought or even guessed that the areas you pass by that are mentioned in the book have such significant in the book.  The reality of drug abuse, violence, prostitution and poverty are magnified in “Dead Girls” when usually they are not mentioned in the news or given the attention that other issues bring out. Recommended for the avid reader who enjoys realism and short stories about women, emotion and struggles.


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