5 Character’s View on Los Angeles

by capreviewroom

James Frey is the American author who wrote the novel Bright Shiny Morning. The novel draws attention to the many people that travels to Los Angeles in search of either fame or a better life. There are many short stories in the novel and while concentrating on four main storylines that does not come into contact with each other at all, Frey also gives the reader a taste of L.A through its historical facts and geography. Some may argue that these facts may have nothing to do with the story lines, but I believe it is a way for the author to make the reader yearn for more of the main plots.

The stereotypical characters that Frey has created let the reader stand easily in their position of events making the stories easy to relate to. Dylan and Maddie are a teenager couple that runs away in order to avoid the same future as their abusive alcoholic parents. The story of Esperanza is a smart Mexican- American girl that let the insecurity of her body damage the path to her bright future and how she tries to fix that path. The daily events of an odd homeless man Old Man Joe who gives advice to other homeless people and is happy with his life leads to a turn when he meets a young girl. Amberton lives in the American dream faces difficulties as he is a private homosexual in the public eyes in order to be successful in his career.

Even though the pages might be full of text and is a long novel, it is easy to follow and read. With different stories to keep each other fresh and exciting, I had a hard time putting the book down as I began to read each time. It is also very easy to read because the characters are easy to relate to. After leisurely reading Bright Shiny Morning my view of Los Angeles has changed and I would definitely suggest this novel to other readers who enjoy an easy and interesting novel.



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