Danielle Hasselback – Dead Girls – Societies flaws revealed

by capreviewroom

The fictional novel Dead Girls involves eight short stories written by Nancy Lee.  Each story is edgy and dark, and has the ability to pull any reader in to find out more about the disturbed and broken areas of Vancouver.  Lee illustrates a picture in the readers mind of the women from this east side area, not giving us full endings but significant depictions of their current life.  She uses the first person in the stories “Dead Girls” and “Associated Press”.  At times it can be confusing to readers, as you are differenting the two men in “associated Press” by this boy and that boy. The positive aspect of first person is how it allows you to put yourself in the characters position, not thinking of them as object but feeling and understanding their emotions. This book allows us to get a better idea of the women that many people in society are disinterested in and shun. The stories bare one of the failed aspect of society; prostitutes and sex trade.  It shows a popular aspect of women, wanting what they can’t have, and many ending up in that cliche relationship.  

The name “dead girls” for the book isn’t the proper portrayal, although it explains the aspect of the missing prostitutes that are brought up in the stories, i feel it doesn’t relate in any other aspect.

Every story revolves around a woman, some broken, confused, and dispirited.  Sex is a huge part of this book as it has a relevance in every story, from a way that the women make money, to how they release anger and express emotions to others.  This book leads readers into the unstable world of loss and discovery, heart break and despair. 

Word Count: 296


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