Dead Girls, Not So Dead?

by capreviewroom

By Melissa K

Dead Girls is the breakout novel written by Canadian author Nancy Lee but with such talented and emotionally provocative work it reads as a sophomore novel or better yet a title among a long list of critically acclaimed books. The book is a beautiful collection of short stories all set in or around the Vancouver area and they all manage to capture the raw essence of female emotion and livelihood in the 21st century.
The book opens strongly with a story titled Associated Press, a heartbreaking story for anyone who has experienced similar situation, a girl in love with one but in a relationship with another. The book continues on to carry you through the adventures of seven more young girls or women, and finishes strongly with a story of sister rivalry and animosity regarding the love interest of an older boy and ending in the disappearance of one of the girls.
Nancy Lee writes in an almost haunting manner, the way she leaves scenes broken, taking certain aspects of stories and telling them in fragmentation, much like the girls in every story. Broken, fragmented, every story examines a girl with an issue or several, broken in their own ways. It isn’t necessarily a happy novel, for you will read about the moral struggle and heartbreak of one, the desperation to be seen as older by another, and the pill popping, mind numbing tale of one more.  It truly is a remarkable first novel from the “brilliant” Nancy Lee, sure to evoke memories and thoughts in to every reader willing to dive in to the novel’s weighty pages.


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