The Gruesome Dead Girls By: Terry Lin

by capreviewroom

In the novel Dead Girls, it consists of eight short stories written by Nancy Lee. These stories are influenced by a large number of prostitutes who vanished by the hands of the serial killer, Robert Pickton. In these eight short stories, Lee instils them with impassion, poignancy and slightly underlying it with grief leaving readers to simply indulge in great literature. When one reads these short stories, Lee does a particularly good job on explaining incidents in great detail from erotic scenes to surrounding environments, helping the reader to really apprehend what is going on in the stories. The very first short story in Dead girls is called “Associated Press”, where the main characters are a girl, a male overseas salesperson and a photographer. It describes how this girl met the photographer and has a great time until the overseas salesperson calls her. It seems that every time that he calls she has a complete change of feelings toward the photographer. This story surely has a deeper meaning to it but the reader itself must figure that out when he/she reads it. This short story is told in a second person point of view, but these eight stories are not only told in second person point of view, but the narratives of these eight short stories are constantly at changing their point of views. Each story has its own unique twist to it but in the end, they all stand on one theme and that is the gruesome murder of Downtown eastside. Lee’s interesting short stories reveals the diseases and problems that lure in the darkness of a city, and the fact that these problems affect us one way or another. Lee is blatantly trying to show her audience that they should learn from what has happened and reflect on it as a society and as a whole. Dead girls is a captivating book and is definitely worth your time to read.


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