The Gritty Reality – Sara Lavigna

by capreviewroom

The novel Dead girls by SFU Professor Nancy Lee offers a harsh, yet honest reality of different people living in Vancouver and their experiences.  Most of the stories in the book revolve around a convicted murderer and the victims that lost their lives.  The case either significantly affects the characters, like the mother who is searching for her prostitute daughter in the story entitled “Dead Girls” or whether it’s the two friends who joke about the murderer but deep down inside they are disgusted by the injustice in the story “East”.  Lee represents different age and ethnic groups but seems to be preoccupied with the feminine element of representation throughout.  Lee also uses different points of view which better represents the theme of multiple story telling.  In “Dead Girls” the point of view is in second person.  “You are addicted to television news.  The speculation, the body bags, the hopeful high school photos; dead girls, everywhere” (99).  I think Lee uses this point of view for this story because she really wants us, the readers to become one with the mother’s that had to go through this awful atrocity.   I feel like this story is appropriately placed right in the middle of the book because this story is reminiscent of what Lee really wants to convey.  She wants to convey the honesty and the truth behind the faces of the victims and the victim’s families. The sheer honest brutality in this book can set most people off at face value but really considering the message that Lee is trying to convey it makes up for this.


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