Some buried lost, others living Dead- by Samineh

by capreviewroom


In her collection of beautifully written short stories “Dead girls” Nancy Lee, illustrates women’s position in society evolving her stories around the idea that men hunt women like predators hunt preys. Even though all stories have independent entities, they all involve women who are the most vulnerable in society, although some people may proclaim gender equality.

The story is unified in a way that main characters of the stories are all engaged in different dynamics of emotional brutality, loneliness, despair, loss and pain. Struggling with the power of sex and addiction. The women who had all crossed the same serial killer.

There are two levels to this story, a mass grave for girls buried lost and those living a life but dead inside. Some stories are deep, dark, and disturbing, while others are full of life with glimpses of shine and brilliance, dancing with your emotions to raise your deep consciousness of what it feels to be a human.

The stories are set in Vancouver.  Nancy Lee brings up the dark part of the town including those corners where almost no tourist and even many of the residence will not likely see neither the city nor the described characters. But the reality is that these stories exist.

The stories are dark psychological dive in the very detailed private life of eight women whose common point has been damaged by life. All stories are based on the finding of a mass grave of prostitutes in the back yard of a dentist in the East of Vancouver.

In the first story “Associated Press” the protagonist is a woman in love with a photographer, who tries to satisfy a frustrating relationship with a man who has ideal profile of the genre.
Another shocked mother in the story “Dead Girls” is still trying to protect her daughter, wondering what she missed in her childhood that she turned into a prostitute. “ you have scrutinized photos of Clare, searched for a marker, a hint in the openness of her eyes… you study them well with a magnifying glass, but there is nothing… the memory of finding her at fourteen, in the garage with a boy…  you can not pin point the event that pushed her away from childhood to adult hood…” While in another story a teenager, is hoping that her boyfriend will make her a gift for valentine’s day, while her boyfriend is preparing to sell her to one of his friends.

The time frame shifts effortlessly, stories are told in chronological order. The first story easily incorporates the past into the present narrative. Many stories are told by second person point of view, while the story “Sally in Parts” divides the story into description of different parts of sally’s body in ten parts; Sally’s lungs, eyes … , feet and Sally’s bones. Then it waves through the present, sally losing her father, but searching for a reconnection with him through sexual relationships with men.
Only  the last story “Sisters”, goes with the absence of victims; where the murderers are chilling in the significance of that absence.



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