Not Flawless, But Not Forgotten

by capreviewroom

A “Dead Girls” review by Jane Agyeman

Nancy Lee’s “dead girls” is a compilation of short fictional about the grippingly emotional tales of sexual horror and discoveries of different woman throughout The Lower Mainland. It put the reader into lives of the characters in explicit and almost intrusively uncomfortable ways, exposing them and at the same time humanizes them, even those who have lives that are often seen as unacceptable socially. these stories are connected not only by there similar theme, but by the constant background presenst of a horrific convicted serial killer. Though this collection is by no means flawless, it is heartfelt, give one a glimpse into the mind of the destitute and, intern reflects the state of gentrification in a society unwilling to face its own imperfections. Lee writes what she knows,basing the book in her home town. This giving her addition depth of an elavated knowledge that comes with being in direct contact with the understated themes and contravercial sujbect matter of the society that she writes about.

This story, in my opinion is not without its flaws. Though this story tries to draw the interest and concern of all peolpe who read it this story may not be as appealing to males as it is to female due to the mentally intrusive nature of the content and the predominantly female perspective of the subject matter. Also, i personally think that Lee’s need to make the main characters as humanized and understandable as possible seem to create oversimplified charater perspectives, and rarely acknowledge the perspectives of the surrounding characters. It is also struturally flawed. Structurally the story seems to be limited and the character and plot seem to be lacking something. They are both elements that seem to need more detail and individuality.

This book does have it flaws, but much like the characters in Lee’s book, the overall it message is one that make this book one that should not be forgotten.


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