Life Is In “Dead Girls”

by capreviewroom

by Edward Tang

      Nancy Lee makes eight stories as a whole collection in the book which is linked by a recent serial killer case who killed several prostitutes. “Associated Press”, as a beginning of the book, reveals the relationships among “you” – the narrator, “this boy” – a salesman “you” meet in the jury duty and “that boy” – a photographer “you” loved for a long time. the second story “Sally in Parts” is an story with a interesting structure. In this story, the main character’s body was “reconstructed” by life because of her father was hospitalized and her cancer. “Valentines” is a story about a young boy Joey, who is 15 years old, offer his young girlfriend, Jess, who is 14 years old, to his rich friend, Kyle. Following “Valentines” is the title story, “Dead Girls”. This story show us the impact of a missing teenager prostitutes on her parent’s relationship. The family hardly became a broken home because her disappearance but recovered after her mother found her. Annie and Jemma is the main character of the fifth story, “East”. “East” shows us the experiences they have during their mini-trip toward Vancouver East side. “Young Love” explores the relationships among the main character, her husbands friend and a young teenager. It shows us how Mary flirts with them and enjoy the relationships. As the name of the seventh story, “Rolie and Adele” open the life and relationships between Rolie, an artist, and Adele, a prostitute. The last story “Sister” show us how the differently two sisters, Grace and Lisa, behaves in life and to Kevin.

      All these stories are influenced by a serial killer case and numbers of vanished prostitutes. People’s life was more or less changed by the events. Not like other science fictions or romance, this book is rely on real society. You can find the actual place inVancouvereven certain buildings which makes the characters alive. When the reader is reading the story, they can open the map and imagine the sense and how they will reflect in the story. Just make a book become a true life. For a story infused with eroticism,Nancydescribe a lot about prostitutes’ life and women’s perspective. In fact, most of the main characters are women. She use first, second and third personal view to write this book to lead us considering the state of women in the society and thinking if this or that event happened, how we will react. A book which is worth to read.


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