Dead Girls: Shining the spotlight on social and moral issues. By: Courtney Blake

by capreviewroom

In the book Dead Girls by Nancy Lee, we have a group of 8 short stories that each feature a woman (Or girl) and their struggles as they face various different situations. Lee weaves the stories together intelligently using common themes and settings, and does a fantastic job of showing us that no matter where the reader lives, whether it be the Suburbs or the Downtown East Side, there will always be conflicts and issues that the reader must deal with.

In the book, a common theme is exposed to all the stories; a serial killer has been arrested and his victims are all prostitutes. Lee brilliantly uses this theme, weaving it in an out or each story, showing the reader how each character reacts to crisis. As well, Lee presents a common issue that is usually uncomfortable to talk about into her stories; unwed pregnancy, drug addictions, poverty and prostitution, to name a few. She builds each character thoroughly and transports the reader into the story, putting the reader right in the spotlight while her characters make each decision. In doing this, Lee forces the reader to examine the characters point of view and to become aware of what it takes to make decisions regarding such difficult issues.

Lee does an incredible job of inviting the reader to take a front seat in her story. By using many different types of narration, Lee sucks the reader in and allows for the reader to be able to relate closely with the main characters. If you are looking for a book that outlines social and moral issues and the emotions behind them, then this is the perfect book for you.


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