Dead Girls Review

by capreviewroom

The novel Dead Girls by Nancy Lee is a great read. The selection of all 8 short stories, of how each one has its own story but all intertwine with each other to make it a whole piece is great. The variety of writing styles Nancy Lee uses (the mixture of first person, second and third person stories) keeps you interged and gives a varitey that keeps your attention. It’s a great feeling to read a book set in your own city (Vancouver) and to see the lives of all these different types of people. Nacey Lee does a out standing job making you feel one with the characters (or one of the characters, seen in the Associated Press), all her stories can be relatable which keeps you interested and keeps you thinking. The way she uses the females view on all the stories also puts an interesting twist on things, you really get to see into the eyes of someone and other women (this is coming from a women). This book is a great read, I enjoy the short stories which make up the novel itself and the variety of points of view. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys eye opening books.




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