A Women’s View On Vancouver

by capreviewroom

In the novel Dead Girls, there are in total 8 stories that give you, the reader, a view and interpretation of many ways of life in Vancouver in a women’s perspective. It is an amazing read with all of the subtle hints and ties that dropped through out every story. Even coming from a guy’s perspective and opinion, this story was very relatable. It was also refreshing to see a whole book in a female’s perspective where as most stories are either narrated by what seems like a man, or in first person of a male.
This story was also very intriguing for me because of the switch ups in how the stories were told in the styles of narration. Also I would like to point out that even though this novel was already broken up into short stories there was one short story that was broken up into it’s own little “parts” that I thought was a very unique way of going at a story.

Even for those of you out there that enjoy erotica, there are parts of this novel that opened my eyes and made me look around the room to see if anyone else was there. The added sexual scenes and in detail experiences that are portrayed in this book definitely enhance it’s already gleaming personality.

 A lot of the stories have heavy descriptions and details that help the reader really visualize whats going on and help engage the reader further into the story and the book in it’s entirety. I would definitely recommend this book to any who enjoy an in depth story with gripping plots and easy to follow characters.

– Tim A. 


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