A Darker look a our city – Tim Gibson

by capreviewroom

 Dead Girls is a deeper look into Vancouver life. This is Nancy Lee’s debut novel, a collection of 8 short stories tied
together by their similar struggles in life.  The dark nature of these stories center around the lives of the woman in them as they struggle with drugs, alcohal, and love.
  Many of these stories are experimental in their narration.  The starting story, “Associated Press”, never gives names to its characters.  The protagonist is a non-traditional 2nd person.  This places you into the role as you experience the story’s plot.  The story “Dead Girls” also makes use of this technique.  It very nicely places you into the role of the mother, facing the loss of her daughter.  Like many of these stories there is a strong focus on the relationships between people, a general theme of the book.  “Sally, in parts” takes a very interesting approach to the story-telling.  It seperates the story into seperate segments, based on parts of a girl named Sally’s body.  These are then related back into the overall story.  Its left to the reader as to whether this is just a unique narrative, or relates back to the Robert Picktin narrative the frequents the entire book.
    This is a book to be duscussed.  Many of the stories end in very open ways.  As to whether the characters in the
stories are done facing their trials, this is something up to the reader to think about.  If this interests you, this quick
read will give your fix.


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