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March 19, 2012

Life experiences turned into a must read!

by capreviewroom

Nancy Lee is a Canadian short story writer and novelist. She first lived in England, and then later immigrated to Canada. She received her M.F.A from UBC and is a teacher at SFUs writing and publishing program. Her work has been published in literary journals and anthologies. Lees’ first book of fiction is  Dead Girls. Dead Girls was named the book of the year by the magazine NOW and it was also a finalist for prizes and awards.

Dead Girls is a collection of eight short stories. All of the short stories are set in Vancouver. This made the book particularly interesting for me; as I read about the certain locations where the characters were I had a clear image of what that location was like.

Dead Girls doesn’t really carry a central theme or topic through out its entirety; however girls seem to be the central focus. Each short story is also different and makes you not what to put the book down. There is a little bit of everything thrown together in this book. The book starts off with a love story and then moves into a story about a girl who has problems with her father, a story about family struggles and prostitution, a story about a break up and then finishes off with a story about family struggles and love. Each story is unique in its own way.

I do not usually read short stories, but I was unable to put this one down once I picked it up. I read it front front cover to back in one full day, and then re read it. Nancy Lee seems to realize that there are many experiences, both good and bad, in life and wants the readers to understand this.  If you are looking for a book that has your home town in it, is a little graphic and disturbing with swearing in parts, deals with sex and prostitution but is also bold and beautiful in other parts with vivid imagery in its entirety, add this book to your must read list!

By: Katie Winterbottom