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March 18, 2012

Coming to Terms With Loss of Loved Ones is Never Easy

by capreviewroom

Dead Girls written in 2003 by Nancy Lee is a shocking drama that contains scenes of love, loss, and connections with family and friends, whether it is good or bad. Situated in Vancouver, it is a collection of short stories surrounding the theme of loss, love and suffering with young women, their families and society, all intertwining.

The Robert Picktin murders play a large role in the suffering the “dead girls” are dealing with. The main character of the novel is a mother struggling with the loss of her daughter. She had slight hints of her going of track and with the constant media portrayal of this case it causes distance and a struggle with her relationship with her husband “You and your husband have not had sex in over a year. You have thrown out your birth control pills, lubricants, anticipating you will never have sex again. It is as if the two of you have been accomplices in an unspeakable crime and can no longer return to the backroom of conception (105)”.

Dead Girls describes issues like abortion, drug use, prostitution, alcoholism, death and suffering to a heart wrenching detail and will leave the reader stumbled for thoughts upon reading.

Makda Gino