Access Granted: Welcome to jPod!

by disentrance

Within the jPod, we explore the eccentric life of the protagonist, Ethan Jarlewski, as he narrates the story of how an implemented character of the author, Douglas Coupland, came to steal Ethan’s life and made it into a book. The title of the book comes from the nickname of Ethan’s workplace, which is a small office group consisting of six random programmer techies whose last names begin with the letter “J”. The novel’s main storyline is very simple but takes a numerous amount of detours due to the jPodsters’ digressive office shenanigans; from writing love letters to Ronald McDonald, to inserting a sadistically blood-thirsty version of the clown himself into a fantasy role-playing game –with the intent of sabotaging the game.


The book features a vast amount of references to 21st century mainstream society as Coupland mocks and ridicules it, beginning with Douglas Coupland himself in the very first sentence. The setting of the novel is also the real-life location of British Columbia’s lower mainland, but the biggest allusion Coupland tends to emphasize on is the extent of Google™’s power, which stretches from the ability to creep on your co-worker’s private life, to creating your own brand of cola.


Overall, jPod is the ideal book if one were thirsting for the need to be smitten with ads, pointless puzzles, a small insight of philosophy, internet humour and turtle jokes caused by a cast of slightly autistic characters, wrapped up in a world where entropy is at an all time high.


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