Unusual and Unique

by aaronbui103

Jpod, a novel by Douglas Coupland is a rather unusual piece of work. It has nothing to do with the iPod. However, it talks about a group of youthful people in a videogame company that has names starting with the letter “J”. The character Ethan have a very abnormal family through the marijuana grow-op that his mother runs and the involvement of his brother with a Chinese mobster. The book also tackled events such as gore sites, human trafficking, and ballroom chancing. All of these created the novel to be very dramatic. Aside from the confusion over the genre and purpose of the book, it’s that Coupland wrote himself into the book as a character. Coupland in the book was found to be an asshole and at the same time a very funny character. It is rather unusual to find an author that would include himself/herself into a book and all together making himself/herself an asshole. The book gives the readers a taste of the author and how he/she is not afraid to be judged by the readers. Therefore this is very unique. Lastly, the book was set in Vancouver, BC. Furthermore, he mentioned specific places in Vancouver where readers that lives or lived in Vancouver can visualize and picture it in their minds.

This book at quick look may seem to be one of the strangest some have ever seen, yet once the story progresses, one can’t help but look forward to each and every time they have a chance to read it. Will everyone enjoy the book? Very unlikely; nevertheless it was an entertaining book, enough to keep you reading, and parts of it were very funny.



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