@MG!!! pigSLUTteenHORNycumCoke® – PoMo V2.006 SmArmTIRE

by bubblesheets

If you ever wondered about the authenticity of Coupland’s cultural critique’s in JPod, you have your answer. I hope no one bought this book new, he’s got moola to spare. Even his house looks like an asshole.  This guy gets it.


One Comment to “@MG!!! pigSLUTteenHORNycumCoke® – PoMo V2.006 SmArmTIRE”

  1. Holy Crap that’s awesome!
    It may not be traditional or even focus on the book but it’s one hell of a posting! I LOVE the references to eBay, McDonalds and Wendy’s, the huge chunks of text, the computer style wording, spacing and font! “Coupland the public icon/ Coupland the author/ Coupland Vancouver resident/ Coupland the artist/ the online persona of Coupland” Fantastic! Couldn’t have worded it better XD
    This is my favourtie by far and you should be proud

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