Out of Sight, Out of Mind

by spencersmyl

Rita Wong promulgates through her most recent collection of poems called Forage, a rather fierce and informative rebuke towards modern political and cooperate discourse and their unfavourable implications on the environment. Targeting these developments, Wong allows her relationship with the environment to flow out to the reader though her poems in a hope to re-bond and re-connect them to the earth and its environment. In such an informative and sometimes blunt manner, many of these some short and some long poems, focus on the unfair developments which occur in rebound to the crusades of global economic capitalism. Illustrating this begins right from the cover, hills of outdated computer technology proportionally fill up most of the cover; it’s contrasted with the smaller upper portion of the cover with that of real hills. Symbolizing precisely what is to come in Wong’s Forage; a sadly miscued and forgotten reality of what really matters.

One thing that Wong does throughout Forage is that she is able to always write in such an informative manner, without loosing her creativity and abstractness in her poems. The reader can sometime feel that life is a rather redundant thing, where we the average person are lost in a myopic trance, sleepwalking through our daily tasks. Through these developments Wong can begin to elaborate and point out the irrationalities of society and the capitalist system, telling the reader wake up to reality. In the poem ‘perverse subsidies’ Wong states “will pay for you to take my garbage away so I never have to look at it, never have to imagine the roaches & rats…ragged underwear…[and] seagulls & crows feeding on rotting leftovers…”, from this Wong goes even further to talk about the economic implications of war and cooperate development, and that it is something of the same thing we do when we leave our garbage out at the end of our drive way; we turn a cold shoulder, as once it is out of sight it is no longer our problem, it’s someone else’s. This is exactly how Wong bases her work – she builds her poems small and then ends them in a larger perspective. This is why and how Wong makes her pieces so informative and powerful to the reader.

The beautiful thing about Rita Wong’s informative poetry is that it offers people a different medium in which they can come to terms with understanding modern day implications and developments. In this case she poises to the reader the political and corporate injustice towards the environment in the form of poetry. No news article, no scholarly journal, no political and cooperate rhetoric, and no ideological spectrum can offer such a perspective and personal understanding that can find refuge within almost any reader. That is why if you are tired of reading the same old information coming down the same old grapevine, then you should most certainly get your hands on Wong’s Forage.



One Comment to “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

  1. Excellent post thanks for sharing this. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Reading poems is something I truly enjoy. It’s very relaxing and soothing.

    Raining Purple Rain – Haiku Poem

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