JPood A Pile of Papers Into A Novel

by giannabasso

Jpod, Written by Douglas Couplnd is an acquired taste. I have another one of his books hiding between university papers and seven seasons of The Office on my shelf. The first fifty to seventy pages are strange. The reader is taken to a place that seems way out of the normal real, but yet still familiar, as the setting takes place in Vancouver and the lower Mainland of British Columbia. From the dead biker to placing a turtle, designed after Survivor host Jeff Probst, using the term bizarre to describe this novel would be an understatement. I felt the book was just as underdeveloped as the numerous characters that are in it. The pages are crammed with a plot and then spammed with thirty pages of binary code? Numbers? some pi system? And then another twenty to forty some odd pages of 40pt font. This is a huge waste of paper. I believe the purpose it serves is to relate the autistic like qualities that come along with being a nerd cooped up in Jpod and the lack of
attention span of the average JPoder, that can’t even focus on a given task for more than twenty minutes. The wasted pages give the reader a break from the mundane madness; that is Jpod. It gave me the opportunity to drift inside my head in an attempt to unscramble what I had just read as I carelessly flipped the pages until it returned to the standard novelistic writing style. Douglas Coupland has had several successful books before Jpod and I fail to see how this could be seen as one of his “greatest works” or that “Jpod is without a doubt his strongest, best observed novel”-The Guardian (UK). The only thing that kept me reading was hoping that at least the ending was decent, which in the end lead to the final words being “play again? Y/N?” A few strong words fumbled out of my mouth after that. It does make for a nice paperweight or doorstop.


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