Hi I’m a JPodder

by sadafsalehi

JPod is a strange intriguing novel set in 2005, published by Random House of Canada in 2006. This novel ventures its way through the life of a team of video game programmers who work for a software developer in Vancouver. Since all the last names of the team begin with the letter “J”, the group of co-workers are known as JPodders. Throughout the novel with humorous inscriptions we come to realize that the JPodders do as little work as possible, they do just enough work to stay employed, “Skipping meetings makes you look cool” (176).Not only is John, Jasper, Jackson, Joyce and Jyang so unusually characterised but Ethan Jarlewski family is also peculiar. Ethan Jarlewski is the main character; he spends most of his time being and getting tormented by co-workers. His relationship with his family is very unusual; in fact his family is beyond extraordinary. His brother is a real estate agent, his father abandoned his career and is a movie extra, and finally his mother is a marijuana grow-up owner “I wish my parents took good care of their grow-op” (240). What kind of a mother would have a marijuana grow-op in their house? Well as outrageous as it sounds, his family is defiantly outside the norm.

This is a novel that is filled with strange subverted messages and random instructions from computer screens. Douglas Coupland is the author of the novel; he is a novelist who also works with in visual arts and theatre. The unique use of his creativity really attracts his readers of JPod. He sets his readers along for rides with his ingenuity, putting them in a situation in which they cannot bare to put the book down.

This was my first time reading such a random/ bizarre novel, but mainly humour is the key word to describe this novel. Flipping through the pages of JPod I found myself constantly laughing, its entertaining style and satire provoked me to read page after page. I would recommend JPod to teenagers or people in their early adulthood, I believe they would find this novel most appealing.


Word Count: 358


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