by sadafsalehi

Rita Wong is the author of Forage; she is a local professor and a former archivist. Her main ideal of writing the poetic novel Forage is to allow her readers to explore the components of culture and identity through more than just complex paragraphs.

 Food is a consistent argument in Forage; in which represents the scheme of malnourishment, the themes of nutrition and instinctual survival. Rita Wong’s unique approach of demonstrating the ecological crisis relate to the injustices of our international political landscape. She uses more than just poems to get her readers fascinated with her work, the use of the of marginal notes and asking her readers to connect English words to Chinese symbols allows her readers to carry out their interest through her book. She constantly informs the readers with syntactical information rather than poetic concern. Her poems attack modern power politics and attempts to modernize traditional poetry, without losing the concept of its meaning.

I established that her writing is very distinctive, she writes of things that trouble her and mean a lot to her. She tends to focus on the horrendous scenes that take place every day in both the Chinese and Native Cultures. It was very interesting to me how she uses more than just one style of poetry throughout the book; although the free-verse poems where hard to follow they still fascinated me. She made a good decision of adding little glimpses of humor to keep her readers satisfied. I enjoyed reading Forage and I expect other people would too, Rita Wong is an amazing writer and I would definitely consider reading more of her work in the future.

Word Count:276


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