Consciously Aware

by alyssajai

Local poet Rita Wong demonstrates her willingness to raise questions regarding ecological, and political issues in her collection of poems titled Forage. She is able to capture truthfulness in topics that society often turns a blind eye to. Each poem brings awareness to various crises on an international scale. Wong’s connection to he environment is evident in the passion provided by her words. She harnesses the desire for awareness of these ecological issues to be essential in our daily lives.
The crises that Wong sheds light on vary vastly throughout the collection yet all are significant in the ecological, social, and political world. The wordplay in “Nervous Organism” identifies the advancements in food technology. It brings awareness to the issues behind the changes in food manufacturing and the negative effects they have on people and on society. As the poem introduces “jellyfish potato/ jellypo fishtato” Wong playfully captures the trend of genetically altered food (20). To sum up the focus of “Damage” and the collection as a whole Wong addresses how “people walk around in various states of damage” (45). She identifies the injustices associated with these environmental issues. By forcing people to become aware of these problems it allows them to identify the role they are playing in society. As society often faces these issues as “out of sight, out of mind” Wong forces us see them in a new light. The collection inspires people to take a conscious in our life and make ourselves aware of the issues that Wong fearlessly tackles.

Word Count 256

Works Cited

Wong, Rita. Forage. Gibsons, BC: Nightwood editions, 2007. Print.


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