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by Parmis

Countless multivolume works, dissertations, scholarly and non-scholarly articles have been written in attempts to understand the current phenomenon of Generation I, the Internet Generation. University professors, Psychologists, and Social scientists have tried but have achieved little success in this venture. In 2006, along came a visual artist by the name of Douglas Coupland, who changed the landscape and architecture of appealing to a newer, somewhat misunderstood generation forever.

A national bestseller, JPod is the ninth novel written by Coupland in his authoring career. It explores the connection one has with life and family while encompassed by a world of accelerated technological advancement. JPod samples through the mass media diet currently being consumed by youth today as Coupland investigates and rummages through consumer culture and writes about it with authenticity and a touch of irony.

JPod begins with the sporadic life of Ethan Jarlewski. He is a video-game programmer on the verge of developing the next “big thing” in the gaming industry: an edgy skateboarding turtle named Jeff. Ethan and his five co-workers are stationed together in jPod, a nicknamed derived from the fact that all of them happen to share the letter “j” as their last initials. However, rest assured, Coupland does not give us any sort of ordinary work environment for our narrator. JPod is running rampid with office pranks and outrageous antics that distract from absolutely anything work related. From auctioning one another on eBay to inventing a hug machine to cope with stress, our JPodsters are a bizarre and entertaining ensemble.

Written with the architectural brilliance of an artist, JPod is a handbook for a generation.

Word Count: 282


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