No wonder it was on the “for sale” rack

by jahanbakhsh

I Solely applaud Douglas Coupland for his ability to keep the readers on edge until they are introduced to a particular character in the central part of the novel. While reading JPod I felt that Coupland gives no time for readers to think as the plot moves on. In a snap shot the book is done, leaving readers in a loop.

Although Coupland did a good job at keeping readers on edge, as a whole I was let down by this novel. I’ve read other novels by Douglas Coupland and the end of those novels always left me satisfied; however, for this novel it was not the case. It was a challenge to cotinine reading it when I reached the half waypoint. JPod is full of bizarre situations, situations that may be possible but are highly unlikely. Coupland places binary codes and random words page after pages that have no significance to the novel itself. He is simply taking up space by raising the number of pages and the price of the book. This book is very unrealistic; don’t get me wrong I love fantasy stories but I think the fact that it was based on the Greater Vancouver area and it was so impractical didn’t do it for me. Maybe if it were written about an imaginary place it would be tad better.

In a nutshell I wouldn’t read JPod for a second time, can’t put my self through that agony once again, just cant and wont! I give this novel one star…………………….out of five.



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