Life of Jpoders

by marinaatrepeva

Douglas Coupland is a North American writer who wrote various books like Generation X 1991, City of Glass 2000 and The Jpod where he talks about the modern issues of Western society with a specific to him sarcasm. The novel is a humours look at lives of a team of people from Vancouver Jpod company. The main character of the novel is Ethan Jarlewski, programmer.

In the book Jpoders work on recent electronic game and it goes trough series of modification because the corporation that dictates the rules. Unhappy Jpoder decide to take things in their hands. To distract and relax Jpoders invent different games that you might be interested to participate in. It can be found throughout the book.

Douglas Coupland also explores the issues of human trafficking. He goes further and sends his main character on a trip to China and vividly describes what life in China is like.

The most interesting is the Jarlewski family, where everyone is an eternal teenager parents and children, and everyone does whatever they feel like.

The novel is a very easy and entertaining read.  It filled with sarcastic humour and many examples of the modern culture and life.


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