Coupland’s Antics Will Not let You Down

by deenaliguori

The book JPod by Douglas Coupland is a book like no other, something unique and totally different that will keep you guessing what Coupland may throw at you next. Coupland bases his story on the main character Ethan Jarlewski who works with five other people as a team of video programmers in Burnaby. Ironically by some computer glitch in the computer system Ethan and his coworkers last names all start with the letter “J” who work in the same cubical to form JPod. Through this book we get to follow Ethan’s journey while he is working in JPod, through this he learns a lot about himself and the people who he surrounds himself with. As the books story line progresses you will find yourself questioning Coupland’s idea as an author and all of the strange things he adds into his book. This book will keep you guessing where Ethan will end up as one thing always leads to another as you try to put the pieces of this book together.

Like I said before this book is like no other, as soon as you grab the book and begin to flip through the pages you see some interesting things.  Flipping through you see things like huge words plastered across the pages, pages with random numbers running through them and scattered lists along with interviews. Right away this may confuse you and some people may be turned away by it, but once you get into the groove of the book you see how all of this relates. Coupland as an author is very unique especially in the sense that he incorporated himself into the book as an actual character. This is something totally unique as it is something I have seen done before. Of course he boasts about himself and makes himself look good but it’s all in good fun. If you like funny books then this is a great book to snatch up, at times I actually found myself laughing out loud. Some things in this book are not idealistic like the ideas the people within JPod come up with for their computer game but it sure adds to the funny factor. This book not only gives you an in depth and behind the scenes look at people in the software industry, it gives you more than that, a story of finding oneself and always being there for your friends and family.

This book may surprise as it did for me, after reading the back and learning that the book was based on a software company didn’t exactly thrill me. But I have to admit this book was nothing what I thought it would be and surprised me with its funniness and story line that never had a dull moment.  The way in which Coupland goes into great detail and always leaves you hanging for more is something that I loved about this book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Who knows they may even be as pleasantly surprised about this book as I was!



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