An Unusual Storyline with a Fantastic Read

by soniabertelli

Douglas Coupland’s JPod is a novel that tells a different kind of story that usually doesn’t get told. Coupland is known to have written unique stories in his past work. In JPod, Coupland took writing books to a completely different level. The way he used up every space he could is something that doesn’t usually get done, his imagination really made this book spectacular.


JPod is incomparable and an atypical novel about a man named Ethan Jarlewski who works in a company named JPod. It is called JPod because all of Ethan’s coworkers have a last name that start with the letter “J”. This Vancouver based novel goes through many weird situations that Ethan always has to handle. This brilliant storyline keeps you on your toes and makes you anxious to see what event comes up next. This novel had many characters, all with very different personalities. The charismatic Kam Fong was a powerful man that dealt with many of the bizarre situations and also became good friends with Ethan and his family. The workers of jpod were somewhat anti-social. JPod workers were awkward in situations outside of work but very intelligent people at their jobs. Carol Jarlewski, Ethan’s mother was usually the centre of many of the problems for she had a marijuana grow-op in her basement. These characters made the story more interesting and fascinating, the uniqueness of their personalities brought the book to life.


Douglas Coupland’s unique style and his strange plot make this a fun book to read and you can never put it down. The way Coupland added the Chinese characters, the pages with all the prime numbers, three letter words and the different sizes of font made this book fascinating. The events that happen in this book were somewhat unrealistic. All the bizarre events all seemed to happen at once, which seemed unrealistic but definitely a good read.


The way Douglas Coupland writes this novel is so different that it makes you want to read it. He writes these novels for people to enjoy and to give people a different type of book from the ones out there. This creative book was by far my favourite book of this semester. I really enjoyed reading JPod, it exceptional and bizarre I loved it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read and who doesn’t mind an eccentric storyline with weird events.



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