by tanjaschulz

Lighter Side of Life
When I first picked up the book JPod by Douglas Coupland, I was not expecting to find what I found. I was expecting to pick up the most dry piece literature but instead I found the most hilarious compilation of fun and weird facts ever found in between the two covers. There is kind of offhand way to the way he writes making even the worst scenario seem like a joke. In some kind of way he lightens the mood while experiencing a group of people in their most hilarious moments and their most insane way of dealing with things.
Jpod is above all a tribute to reading and offers a break from the average read in being creative enough to write about just about everything that is wrong in the world and still make you laugh. Coupland offers a moment of indestructability were no matters what happens the characters always seem to come out ok. Just like a super hero adventure or 007 secret missions.
Couplands uses alternate forms of page alignment and different use of language in certain layouts on the page to really emphasize what he is saying that really make this book unique. The different fun facts are an attraction, especially, in the digits of pi and finding the difference between the zero and the letter “o”. There are other challenges invited by Coupland throughout his book most of which you would need to be a genius to figure out unless you know the cheats. If there ever was a book for people who know everything this book may still come close to interesting and even challenging. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone with a good sense of humour.


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