by pavinr


                Looking for an extremely bizarre novel which will still intrigue you to keep reading at the same time? Are you the type of person that would enjoy the capability of skipping over ten pages of non relevant material to finish the book faster?  JPod, a novel by Douglas Coupland is at the heart of these two questions. The novel is primarily about the making of a game by six employees working at JPod; a gaming company similar to Electronic Arts one could assume. Coincidently, all of the members happen to have a last name starting with “J” and suffer from a mild case of autism. The newest member of the pod, Kaitlin, soon realizes there is no escape from JPod and she is stuck there like the rest. Couplands’ writing in JPod may come across weird to many because of the unique plot and artwork/designs throughout the novel. Having situations involving home grow ops and biker killings tend to catch the eye of most readers because of the excitement and confusion it brings in novel based around technology and gaming. Also, the fact that the setting takes place in Vancouver makes it more interesting for readers living here because of the ability to visualize and have a strong sense of place.  The unique page designs can be of much interest to many readers such as myself because of its uncommon occurrence in most books. Coupland is able to give readers something new by having pages filled with big Chinese letters and the value of pi which takes a handful of pages to complete in random sections of the book! Pages like this can give readers different feelings, but the element of shock and confusion is most commonly received after talking to a few other readers. Overall,  JPod is a very interesting and exciting book throughout which will keep you reading to find out what happens next in Couplands’ crazy world of JPod.

word count : 323


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