A Not so Serious Read

by janinemalahoff

JPod by Douglas Coupland is a book that is really like no other. I have now read the book a second time for class and have to say that this time around this book is just as clever and witty. This book has no important plot or very noticeable theme, but it’s the characters personalities and the humour that makes the book as good as it is. Ethan the main character has a pretty bizarre life as his mother has a grow op in her basement and his father is an aspiring actor who loves ballroom dancing. At his work he is joined by five other members of JPod (the area their desks are located in), and each character has a unique and funny personality that all mesh well together. These characters bring the book together with their ridiculous adventures and their workplace shenanigans. Two other aspects that I appreciated in this book are the fact that it is set in Vancouver, and that Douglas Coupland inserted himself into the book as a character. For people who live in Vancouver, they can really appreciate the setting in this novel as Douglas Coupland repeatedly mentions specific locations that we all know and can picture in our minds. The character Douglas Coupland is a very funny character as Ethan, the main character, has taken on a hatred for him. Douglas Coupland shows that he can make fun of himself by inserting himself into this book and having him act like a prick, and that’s something that readers will enjoy knowing about the author. The last part of this book that makes it as unique as it is are the pages and pages of useless words and numbers and slogans among other things that litter the pages in between parts and chapters. These are probably skipped by most people as they are not interesting to read, but it bring a very different look to the novel and gives you a break from reading every so often. All in all this book is unique and very funny, and is a good read for anyone who wants to read a light book and not take it too seriously.
Word Count: 363


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