memoirs of an Antiguan

by tanjaschulz

A Small Place the memoir written by Jamaica Kincaid is a miraculous ingenious perspective to a problem that is not just found in Antigua but is found word wide in many ways but Jamaica Kincaid`s focus of the place in which she was born certainly brings certain elements to light .
The beauty of her homeland I`m sure is wonderful but the way the problems Jamaica addresses are almost demeaning to the very people who could be the help they need to better themselves; The Tourist.
I could not help but think that not only are the government officials not gentrifying the basic necessities that the people themselves are maybe not exactly doing as much as they could to better their situation either or maybe they can`t. Somehow it seemed to me that she is painting the picture that the brunt of the problem in the native population lies with the tourist who is just there to have a good time and maybe are not as naïve as Kincaid draws the picture to make them look.
The more I read the more uncomfortable and intimidated I became, to even go to this place, even though I`m sure the majority of the people that travel there know of the poverty of the people who live there and probably hope that the tour industry will somehow trickle down the line and end up creating jobs for the people there. I was sorry to hear of such a situation and wish the people could somehow stand up for themselves and their country they all should be very proud of. That the government of these places in the world would need to be made to make available gentrification projects that involves in the hiring of the native peoples at decent and just wages.
I feel for Jamaica Kincaid`s plight I just think maybe as a free country they should get together as communities of people to address their problems instead of blaming the people who come to visit like offering hospitality to a newcomer in a strange new world.


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