A Small Place on a paradisiacal island and its big problems

by marinaatrepeva

This book will not leave you neutral and you will realise whether you love it or hate it at the very beginning. I live it up to you, but strongly recommend this slim book written by Jamaica Kincaid The small place.

 In this series of autobiographical essays, the author is telling her own story about the paradisiacal island Antigua, its historical past and its today`s reality. Jamaica Kincaid was born in Antigua and in early adulthood moved to New York with a goal to realise her career in Journalism. She successfully worked with the New Yorker magazine for nearly ten years and always had a strong voice and personality in her writing. Jamaica is not shy in her expressions and in this book The small Place you will discover her polemic position. Have you been to Antigua? If not you can learn a lot about it from this little book.  If you are a history lover, than Antigua`s colonial past will reveal itself to you in this book. If you are interested in economics and politics you will benefit from reading this book as well.

You will discover a variety of things you had never known about yourself. If you are from Europe and North America, you will open the book that will reveal some of the attitudes Antiguans have towards you. Jamaica is very honest, blunt and at times angry, but this is what she has to say and if you decide to read the book until the end it would be the first step on a long road of discovering  what is  the real  Antigua; who are the  people who live there and what is their history. This step is important if you want to make a difference in such countries. It will be helpful if you read this series of essays, written by the person who was born in Antigua during British colonial past. She writes to tell her truth of the impact of British monarchy on her country and its present situation.

The book is very easy to read and I have read it in one evening. It gave me a strong kick and made me see how much these people have suffered in hand of others and still suffer. Their story must be heard. Jamaica Kincaid made a strong effort to bring her message to the world and tells the story of her country. I really appreciate the work she put into her writings, which reveal some of the big problems that surround this paradisiacal island of Antigua, The Small Place.


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