Not Your Usual Read

by jaclyncoi



A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid is a short novel separated in to four nameless sections. The first section is about a tourist who comes to beautiful Antigua for a holiday. The narrator concludes that this tourist is an ugly person coming to this island thinking of nothing but himself. The second chapter talks about Antigua from the past when it was ruled by the English. The third section talks about the island and what is has become and she realizes it really is not much better than was it had been when she was a child. Lastly, the fourth and final section talks about the beautiful island, Antigua, and all the joy it brings from its setting.


In the very beginning this book took me off guard. I felt as though I was being attacked from Kincaid’s point of view of a tourist. It made me think of myself as a traveler and how I did not think of many of things she was claiming a tourist is and does. Many of the claims she mentioned could very much have been true in my very own travels. She let me see the side of views I therefore would not have even thought about in being a tourist myself. Kincaid does a great job describing in great detail the setting of Antigua that makes it feel realistic. It let the reader be able to imagine their self in Antigua. She describes it to be a perfect get away place and making anyone want to get up and go some where with the beautiful hotels, weather and beaches like Antigua.


The dialogue is very honest, almost to honest. Some of the things Kincaid claims is something most people cringe at and do not want to hear. For example, when Kincaid says we do not think about the waste products that we could be swimming in when we go in for a quick dip on these sandy beaches. Kincaid captivated me to know where she got her information from and it made me interested to know about her childhood and the Antigua she sees through her eyes. She leaves me with questions to myself on my past vacations and what I did not notice when I was eating foreign food and swimming in what I thought was extra salty water. She left me with a whole new outlook on traveling and the cultures of others, and what they do to survive while we are staying in their five star hotels.


Word Count: 421



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