The Not of What She Didn’t Know

by pavinr

Who Knows?

 Meredith Quartermain is a Vancouver-based poet whose writings force readers to critically think outside the box. Her collection “The Not of what She Didn’t know” is composed of micro fictions which take the readers to another planet. It consists of various stories with ideas that range from architectural comparison of ants and humans to acts of taboo. The title from her newest book, “Recipes From The Red Planet” closely relates her writings as she seems to be looking from another point of view: alien. Her ambiguous writings can lead to arguments on what she is actually trying to imply. One reader may view the narrative in a completely opposite sense from another. For example, one could take the “Marijuana Stalk” passage as a mother – son relationship highlighting rebellious actions and defiance. However, it could also be understood that the main character repeats a certain action to “get away” from his troubles. The descriptive, intense, and bewildering choice of words can often leave readers confused. “Hotel narrative” is one of the most difficult pieces I’ve ever read because of its literary structure and unclear plot. Someone who does not have the urge or capability to think out of the box will easily be frustrated by Quartermains work.  The sense of feeling and smell is present in most of the writings and will give readers a central image but it is also fogged at the same time because of the unique situations. This collection of Quartermains work might leave some readers with unanswered questions as to either what her point is or alternatively, why she is making such abnormal writings. The language throughout is very descriptive and imaginative catching the reader’s eye at first, but then evolves into difficult sentence and plot structures which leave readers perplexed. However, upon a second reading and closer analysis and breakdown, much of the first hit confusion is relieved. Quartermains work challenges even the most experienced readers to go above and beyond regular reading and analysis to fully comprehend her literature writing styles. Her creative approach to writing allows readers to somewhat determine their own ending and interpretations which can and will lead to interesting and exciting discussions.


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