TCR 3.12 Meredith Quartermain

by tanjaschulz

Meredith Quartermain`s The Not of What She Didn`t Know has to be one of the most ingenious sets of stories I have ever encountered until now. One could argue her works as short or micro stories or possibly even prefer to call them poems. I tend to lean towards the idea that her fictions are more like a story. They have a theme, conflicting ideas between characters as action and plots and settings. I believe this to be the work of a story teller that goes into more detail than a poem ever could. The argument might suggest the artistic use of words she uses to be poetic because of their complexity and eccentricity.
However a person may look at Meredith`s work one cannot look only once. I found myself reading the pieces of her magic over and over and each time I saw a little more detail and grew more of an understanding of the piece. I noticed that there was usually more than one character in her tales offering a sense that interaction was the background to her themes and also the way people behave and think about things, even in The Marijuana Stalk, a seemingly solitary character, Meredith throws herself into the story just to make sure he`s ok. Which I`m sure he is.
There is a kind of balance to her stories that doesn’t always come immediately. At first glance one might get a sense of confusion over the types of words she uses but with meditation and time the idea or situation comes clearer and an adventure most definitely unfolds. I was drawn in and pushed away at the same time by the complexity of her words. There was a definitely an individuality to her writing style, so different to what any other style I`ve encountered. In the piece The Sonic Boom Catcher she seems to speak almost in reverse while coming out forward all at the same time. How does she do that? One definitely has to fully immerse one`s self into Meredith`s work to come out with any real understanding but along with this depth there is a simplicity, sensuality, curiosity and playfulness that I find well worth the dig. I hope I get the chance to find more of her works for future reading challenges.


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