Review of Meredith Quartermain`s / The not of what She Didn`t know.

by marinaatrepeva

  The collection of micro fictions covers a series of topics which many of us don’t know about when entering adulthood. Among the subjects are tangled relationships that can`t be resolved easily, Quartermain illustrates it in the Hotel narrative; the forbidden relationships playfully described in L`amante anglaise; Marijuana stalk and My agency are two pieces of micro fiction from this series that are very contrasting. One introduces to us a peace, tranquility and mystery of a winter forest, the woodsman with found marijuana stalk and a narrator who lives with the woodsman in a winter cottage and guards him from harm.  As an opposite of it is a hectic and demanding environment of My Agency micro-fiction, that brings a feelings of stress and pressure. The author is in a labyrinth of an office schedule, clients demands and its own feelings of an artistic drama.

     In the Marijuana Stalk

  Here Meredith Quaterman is attempting to explore one of the forbidden subjects in modern society. She does it by unexpectedly introducing a woodsman, who has found a marijuana stalk and decided to collect it. Later he “hang it to dry in his cabin, pocketing his pipe and some hashish. A smoke for later he thinks…“. She places her characters in a wilderness where nature and man live interconnected and the woodsman is free to explore it. He decides to go out on a deck. Quartermain vividly describes a frosty morning lake “…grey water sliding murkily around clumps of snowy reeds.“. Suddenly the woodsman decides to jump in and disappears in the water, as if Quartermain makes parallel to the feeling of a person who uses the mind altering plant. He entered an unknown to many world, under water. Once he comes out from under the water he hears a voice of the narrator calling him to come inside. In other words, we can think of her warning the woodsman. The woodsman disappears into the unknown of the woods .Who is the narrator to a woodsman? “King to his army, mother to a son. Devil to disciple, God to bewitched…planet to plants“

  Therefore, the micro fiction “A Marijuana Stalk“ carries an encoded message, such as should we experiment with unknown despite the warning of others and what does it bring in to our life. For me, reading of this micro fiction brought up the feelings of unknown and mysterious in nature and how it affects human life by giving us this plants.

My agency

  My agency on the other hand is a representation of modern hectic, tight scheduled world with its agenda, plan and fast paced work. Something that starts so clear and straight forward can turn in to a moment of frustration and a feeling of being caught up in your own reality that seemed so perfect at the beginning and then the demand of work, clients, deadlines brings a person into frustration.

  The Micro fiction begins with the exact description of the work process that goes behind the closed doors, invisible to the consumer. Words such as “Get image targets. Get juice and punch. Strategy. Tactics.“ reflect the everyday routine. Later of course the desired reward after the well done job “Let me poke digits into clients of mine.“

  The mood of the micro fiction is stress, confusion and the feeling of being trapped in the reality of the agency, where  the goal is to make what sells, what is in demand. How about the soul of the artist, where is self expression? “It is dark in this stomach. “ It makes us think about the career and importance of  the self in the work place. It has to be in harmony .

  Meredith Quartermain touched on some of the important topics in our society mentioned above. Both pieces and the whole collection, made me think about these subjects again. I found it very useful to compare my thoughts with the author. I think Meredith Quartermain`s / “The not of what She Didn`t know“ has helped me to learn something I did not know before.


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