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December 2, 2010

Wanted: Reviewers

by Aurelea

The Review Room was first launched as Readings in World Literature in conjunction with a Spring 2009 offering of English 213 | World Literature in English at Capilano University.  The site was relaunched as The Review Room in December 2010.  It will be going live in January 2011.  The site will continue to feature book reviews written by Capilano University students, but it will now feature book reviews produced by students enrolled in a variety of English courses at Capilano University.  First up in Spring 2011 will be students enrolled in English 103 | Studies in Contemporary Literature.

The project also accepts submissions from any current Capilano students interested in contributing to The Review Room.  Any interested readerly and writerly Capilano students should contact Aurelea Mahood (English) at <> about becoming a contributing reviewer.